Hotel History

History of the Historic Jefferson Hotel

Built in 1851 the hotel has been many businesses throughout the 170 plus years and even a home to several families. It is the oldest commercial building in Jefferson and the oldest building out of all hotels in Texas. Below is the history we have found using newspaper archives and deeds. There is much more history and ghost stories to be told. As we gather information we will update. 

1851- Cotton Warehouse Built by Allen Urquhart (Deed)

1860- Known as The Store House (Deed)

1868- Henry B Orton building- a Brick two story, "Fireproof house" (Newspaper)

1869- In March The structure burns during the Dallas street fires but was rebuilt immediately. (Newspaper)

1872- International Barroom/ International Saloon

1873- The Crystal Palace(Speakeasy)/Concert Hall/Orton Building (Women could only enter the back entrance.)
Also was an italian restaurant and J. Zowell Cofee house on the second floor.(Newspaper)

1874- The Pruitt House- First operation of a hotel from 1874 to 1882. (Newspaper)

1878- Merchants Insurance Company (Deed)

1882- Nancy Grigsby Leases the building as the Grigsby House until 1885.(Newspaper)

1885-1901- Grigsby House Hotel 2nd floor (Mrs. M.W. Barbee Proprietress) (Fire maps)
Henry Orton Butcher Shop and Hides Saloon on Second Floor.

1905- Stuts Building (Also called the Taylor Brick Building) (Newspaper and Deed)

1907- Brothel Days (Known as the "Dive on Austin street) (Newspaper)

1908- Known as Old Armory Hall (Newspaper)

1906- 1910- Skating rink and Hotel also called Skating rink Hall also called the Wholesale Grocery Warehouse and Livery Stable. (Newspaper and Deed)

1911- Wholesale Gro. Warehouse (Fire maps)

1911- The Jefferson Hotel (J.L. Ford and Ora Pawley Proprietors) 14 rooms at this time. (Newspaper)

1912-1913 Cotton Warehouse and Hotel-The Old Segal Warehouse Formerly known as the Harry Orton Building (Deed and Newspaper)

1920- New Jefferson Hotel- A.H. Schluter and Wife Ethel Schluter. (Deed and Safe)

1946-1975-The New Jefferson Hotel- The Moseley Family (Deed)

1975- 1978- Boarding House known as The New Jefferson Hotel Occupied by “8 Old timers” (Newspaper)

1978- 1997- The New Jefferson Inn- Owned by Venita Delk (Deed) (1986 leased by Tanya Plumb)

1998-2000 The Jefferson Hotel- Ronny and Carole Meissner (Deed)

2000-2012 The Jefferson Hotel – owned by Mike lakey

2012-2018 -The Jefferson Hotel owned by Jeff Slack

2018- Shut down Vacant in late 2018

2020- The Historic Jefferson Hotel- Owned by Pam and Jeromy Jones