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A beautiful Antebellum Boutique Hotel with a Guest House feel.

 Come see the famous Historic Jefferson Hotel in beautiful Jefferson Texas and all that she offers. Antiquities gallery throughout, (including the very rare and eclectic) 170 Plus years of history(Some of it tragic), and mysteries throughout with unexplained happenings everyday.

  We are known as "The most haunted hotel in the world". And we're not just saying that, we can back it up. Just look at our captures on Youtube that not only the hotel camera's have captured but also our guests. 


  We also have the Oldest Building out of all the Hotels in Texas. Built in 1851 originally as a cotton warehouse and built by the founder of Jefferson, Allen Urquhart. Step into the Magical Victorian structure known as The Historic Jefferson Hotel. 

Book online or text us at 901-468-3551 for further information. 

-Check in is between 3pm and 10pm, we will text you a door code prior to 3pm. Check out is at 11am, please exit the building at that time so we can clean for the next guests. (Sorry No late checkouts or early check-ins)

Click on the Book Now button to book a room. Every room is equipped with 1800 count Egyptian cotton sheets, flat screen television with Hulu and high speed wireless Internet. Every bathroom has comfortable clean towels with Shampoo and Body wash dispensers.  

Beginnings as a cotton warehouse in the 1850's to support the exploding cotton industry, the Historic Jefferson Hotel was also encircled by the long veranda where the hotels good time girls once advertised their wares during the early brothel years of the hotel.  

Come the era of Prohibition, The Jefferson Hotel became a roaring nightspot and speakeasy under the name The Crystal Palace. The hotels ballroom has born witness to many an evening of tipsy risk-takers gambling with their fortunes and couples dancing the night away to lively ragtime piano that has been reported being heard to this day. 


Our guests have seen their fair share of unexplained, but unlike many allegedly haunted locales where stories are passed from one guest or employee to another, the staff of the Jefferson Hotel have taken care to record as many encounters as possible in the experiencers own words. During the latter years of operation, a Book of the dead was kept behind the front desk, in which guests were encouraged to write down the details of any contact with the hotels spirits. Sadly one of the past owners of the hotel took the book with them and wants to keep it without lending a copy, but the Jones's (Current owners) have started a new one. You can check this book out from the front desk to read and write about experiences if you are a guest at the hotel.

There are many reported specters of the Jefferson Hotel. So many in fact that we are known as "The Worlds Most Haunted Hotel™ " 

While every room in the hotel has had some sort of ghostly activity reported, here are some of the rooms with the most reported activity.

Room 0- Multiple guests have reported the bed in this room lifting up. Loud banging noises. Heavy objects thrown about, and a mans voice yelling "NO" witnessed by 5 people seemingly coming from nowhere. There are also Gemstones found under the floor of this room when remodeling was happening. 

Room 2- Full bodied apparition seen going through the bathroom wall. Objects moving around. Furniture has also been reported to move around by multiple guests. Disembodied voices and things being thrown around reported. 

Room 3- Little boy captured in this room looking out the door. Full video on youtube. Children's voices heard laughing. Shower turns on by itself. 

Room 6- Many captures of apparitions in the mirrors. Ghostly residue that appears and disappears on the bed. Scratching reported on the carpet and bed.  Bathroom knob jiggles. 

Room 9- Footsteps are heard walking around. Lights going on and off. Little boy was said to have drowned in the bathtub in early years. Shadows seen in the restroom. 

Room 10- Breathing heard in peoples ears. Objects moving. Little girl died in a fire in the Pride House named Jenny Brown and is said to roam this room now. 

Room 13- Original room where the bride hanged herself from the bed that is now in room 19. Table and lamp got thrown from one side of the room to the other. Pictures have been caught falling off the walls. Apparition caught outside the door. 

Room 14- Covers lifting up without anyone there. Several dolls caught moving on camera. Children heard playing. Footsteps heard walking around. 

Room 15- Shadows caught, banging heard coming from the restroom. 

Room 17- Message on the mirror changes from "Get out" to "Leave now" Voices heard having a conversation without anyone there. 

Room 19- Bride caught covering guests up. Loud banging heard above the bed. Water splashing in a dry bathtub. Disembodied voices, footsteps and shadows. 

See below for a few of the reported sightings you may experience during your stay. Also check out our Youtube channel for video's we have captured with our security system. 

 The Child in the Dissapointments room. Never heard of a dissapointments room? Well we have one, and its original to the hotel in the late 1880's. While its off limits to guests, it has a dark history of a child that was once locked in the room located in the attic area. The little boy has been seen and captured many times. Here is a picture of him that was caught.. 

The Mill Children- Some of the most commonly sighted specters are a pair of children of about 7 years old, a boy in knee length britches and a girl in a pinafore. They are believed to be casualties of the buildings days as a cotton warehouse, but in spite of their laborious lives and untimely deaths, they're now some of the hotels most high spirited inhabitants, often hear laughing and chasing each other through the halls. Make sure to hold on to your keys and valuables in the vicinity of the Jefferson Hotel. The mill children love to play with small objects and pull pranks on guests, moving possessions around and turning lights on and off. A little boy with Red hair has been seen by many guests around the hotel. This may be one of the Mill children. 

The Vanishing Man- Described as a tall male figure in a long coat and high boots who comes and goes as he pleases. Though he makes no threatening moves, some guests have found him persistent, sitting or standing in their rooms throughout the night. Whoever he is, he is apparently the hotels most solid and hard to miss apparition. Some guests have even reported following him down the upstairs hall, thinking him to be another living guest, only to watch him vanish as he turns into one of the rooms.

Judy's Mirror- Room 19 is a particularly volatile hot spot of Paranormal activity, part of which seems to be connected with the anguished spirit of a teen girl. Though records of the hotels history as a bordello are understandably spotty, the girl is thought to be a prostitute who was stabbed by a client and left to die slowly in room 19's bathtub. She now appears in the mists of the hot showers and leaves messages on room 19's bathroom mirror. Sometimes the words seem to be warnings, other times are pleas for help. The name Judy has been seen among her scribbles, but its unclear whether shes introducing herself or calling out to some long gone friend. Below is a capture from a guest that shows a haunted reflection of a women. 

Libby in white- This beautiful young woman appears most often to male guests travelling alone, and she can be recognized by her bridal gown, golden hair, and feet that never touch the ground. Though shes been seen all over the hotel, Libby mainly seems to haunt a specific bed, rather than a location, following it around through multiple remodels. The bed is now located in room 19. The spirits exact identity is unknown but most believe it could be two people. Elizabeth and Lydia Grigsby were name of women that both stayed in the hotel almost 50 years apart from each other. Both women were jilted on their wedding days, and both were most likely pregnant at the time. It is reported from an old newspaper from around 1912 that Lydia Grigsby hanged herself from the unusually tall headboard of the bed located in room 19. Libby and the bed have inhabited room 12, 14 and now 19 at different times. Here is an apparition caught by our cameras of a ghostly shadow entering room 19 at the end of the hall. Full video on youtube. 

Here is a pic captured by a guest that shows the Haunted Bride in our hallway. 

Come join us and explore the beautiful Antique covered hotel, and maybe you can also have an unexplained experience. 

The Historic Jefferson Hotel

124 W Austin St 
Jefferson, Texas 75657

Text 901-468-3551